The Elite Blog Academy Affiliate Program

An insider’s review of the EBA affiliate program benefits and features.

elite blogging academy affiliate

A review of the Elite Blog Academy affiliate program for bloggers. Click the image to learn about the program benefits, payout amount, and how to apply.What Is Elite Blog Academy?

Elite Blog Academy (sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Elite Blogging Academy”) is the premier blog training program on the internet. EBA is the only blogging course recommended by most 6- and 7-figure bloggers for its comprehensive approach that teaches new and seasoned bloggers alike to make a full-time income blogging from home.

I have also taken and personally recommend the course.

How Much Money Does the Elite Blog Academy Affiliate Program Pay?

The Elite Blog Academy affiliate program pays out 40% for anyone who purchases through your referral. The price of the course in 2017 is $797, but has typically gone up every year since it originally launched. That’s almost $320 commission per sale… you can see how this could add up fast. In fact, the top affiliate last year (2016) earned almost $50k in commissions!

There are also monthly payment plans available wherein if someone purchases that way, you’ll get monthly commissions for the duration of their payment plan.

Is the Elite Blog Academy Affiliate Program Easy to Promote?

Yep, and this is a huge perk of the program. TThey have tons of freebies that you can offer your readers and audience that are tracked all the way through the sign-up and sale (called a “forever cookie”). Once someone signs up to the mailing list via your referral link (either through one of the freebies or a direct link to the waiting list), they are forever linked with your account. So, even if they purchase a year after they sign up for the waiting list, you still get paid.

Additionally, it’s just flat out an amazing blogging course, so you can feel confident that you’re promoting a quality product that will benefit your audience. They also have a 100% money-back guarantee:

“Elite Blog Academy comes with a 100% money back guarantee, which gives you the freedom to promote it with confidence. If one of your referrals completes the course and doesn’t see measurable results, they will get a full refund.”

– taken from the Elite Blog Academy affiliate program description

Elite Blog Academy Freebies (or “Freemiums”) You Can Promote

When you promote these freebies to your audience, and if they sign up to get one then they’re forever linked to your affiliate account. That means if they EVER purchase Elite Blog Academy down the line, you get the credit. Click on each image to see the email capture page for each.

How To Apply to the Elite Blog Academy Affiliate Program

If you want to become an Elite Blog Academy affiliate, the program is currently available by invite only, but if you purchase the course, or are alumni, you can become an affiliate.

You are required to complete an “affiliate bootcamp” before being approved as an affiliate. This short course has videos that show you how others are successfully promoting the program and how you can do the same, so it’s a super helpful.

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions about becoming an Elite Blog Academy affiliate, let me know in the comments below & I’ll do my best to answer them for you!