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Thinking of writing for Huffington Post to get exposure for your blog?


how-to-write-for-huffington-postDon’t you dare put pencil to paper (or finger to keyboard) before having a strategy in place for how to write for Huffington Post AND get blog traffic, subscribers and sales from it!

I see so many bloggers celebrating their first HuffPost article – and rightly so.

But then my heart sinks when I read their post and see they’ve written the wrong article or left out the key pieces that would have made it a success.

And YES, there is a “right” and “wrong” article to write… if you want to reach your ideal audience, get traffic to your blog and make sales.

Please don’t waste your precious time and effort writing for Huffington Post and getting nothing in return for your blog.

There’s a better way to use your time and talents to make your HuffPost feature work for you.

Get Traffic, Subscribers & Sales Writing For Huffington Post

I’ll personally walk you through exactly how to use Huffington Post to grow your blog. You’ll get detailed lessons and learn my entire process: from coming up with the right article, to getting people to opt-in to your email list, to even making sales.

You’ll get 5 detailed video lessons, plus worksheets and bonuses:

The Right Article

Learn what types of articles get the attention of HuffPost editors & your audience.

Learn how to craft a title that can’t be ignored. This will make or break your HuffPost debut.

There’s a new HuffPost blogger platform in town. You’ll learn how to use it to its full potential.

You know you need an opt-in freebie to get subscribers, but how do you create one that actually works? You’ll learn exactly that right here.

Random tips & hacks only take you so far and can often leave you feeling confused. Learn my entire sales flow that actually grows your blog.


A swipe file of my exact email pitch that got a “Yes” to be published on HuffPost.

Get personal advice on how to make your HuffPost debut a success, from someone who’s done it.

The very first article I wrote for Huffington Post earned me 80 new email subscribers and $250. And I didn’t even have a product to sell.

How? Is it because I’m some great writer or superb sales woman? Heck no! I’m definitely no Hemingway and I didn’t even have a product to sell. But, I had a strategy in place that works.

And now I use it every time I write a new article for HuffPost, earning me more blog subscribers and more sales.


Let’s make a pact – right here, right now. No more wasting time on tasks that don’t have a direct and positive impact on the growth of your blog.

Learn my process so you can duplicate it every time you write a new article for Huffington Postand every other publication or guest blog.

It doesn’t matter what other people have done or what they say you should do. What matters are the goals YOU set for your blog and how YOU go after those goals and make it happen.

Ready to make an impact with your ideal audience, build authority and grow your blog traffic, subscribers & sales?

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