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blog traffic pinterestDo you ever feel like this with your blog:

You write your heart out, stick to a schedule, sacrifice sleep, set BIG goals for your blog, and then brace yourself for the growing wave of traffic that everyone tells you is going to come pouring in any minute now.

And then you wait. And wait. And wait some more.

But the traffic doesn’t come. The readers don’t come. Your blog just sits there pretty and perfect with no readers.

But then you hear about Pinterest.

Bloggers all over the interwebs are reporting massive traffic growth from the social platform. You want in!

But how? So many of the stories you hear are from bloggers that are already established, and you wonder if it can work for you.

Can a blog just a few months old really get on the Pinterest Traffic Train?

In just 3 short months, Elna tripled her blog growth in all areas… on her new blog!

She spills the beans on just how she did it in our 10-minute interview below:

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Webinar outline:

Here’s a handy-dandy worksheet to help you get these strategies taken care of stat (no opt-in)!

Step #1: Sign up for Tailwind

This online tool allows you to schedule all your Pins and have it do all the work for you. This will save you a ton of time & allow you to grow quickly.

Step #2: Optimize your Pinterest Profile

Optimize your Pinterest profile with keywords that your ideal audience will be searching for. These 3 areas are key:

1. Optimize your Pinterest bio

2. Optimize all of your boards (titles + descriptions)

3. Optimize your Pin descriptons

Step #3: Join & Pin to Group Boards

Search for popular group boards in your niche and join them! Pin your stuff there to get it in front of a larger audience.

Did you catch that keyword advice around the 5-minute mark? Genius, right?!

And if you’re confused about group boards and how to use them “the right way”, don’t miss Elna’s (no stress) approach at the 7-minute mark.

Lastly, make sure you watch for the bonus blog growth tip Elna shares at 9-minutes – so smart!

Have you tried any of Elna’s Pinterest blog traffic strategies? Have any of your own to share? Let’s chat below 🙂

Elna Says:

Elna Says:

Be sure to catch my 100% pitch-free Pinterest Perfection webinar for more Pinterest blog traffic tips. Then hop on over to my blog at to learn more about how I’m helping moms become mompreneurs.

Stop reading about how to get blog traffic from Pinterest and start DOING IT! Elna from tripled her blog growth in just 3 months using these Pinterest blog traffic tips.

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