start-a-blogHow to start a mom blog

Busy moms everywhere know that even getting dinner on the table every night can be a challenge, so why on earth would you want to add to the crazy by starting a mom blog?!

Not only can every mom start a blog, but every mom should start a blog. Why, you ask?

Three very important reasons:

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1. It gives you creative and professional fulfillment

In my admittedly biased opinion, being a mom is among the most beautiful and important jobs in the world. Until I became a mother, I never felt a true sense of purpose. Sure, I had things I was good at and passionate about, but a deep feeling of my purpose in life didn’t come until I had children. I was fulfilled in a personal, spiritual and emotional way that I’d never felt before.

That said, even after becoming a mom, I still had those other things I was good at and passionate about, and was itching to put them to practice!

Blogging has given me a way to share my voice and help others. It’s given me the creative and professional fulfillment I was itching for!

2. It brings in extra money

Blogging might seem like something just those other moms do, or something that just others can make money from.

But that’s a lie.

Any mom can make money from blogging. You just have to follow smart advice and be strategic about how you blog (sign up for free smart blogging advice).

When I first started blogging, I was making zero dollars month after month and was at the brink of giving up. Thankfully, I didn’t (I’m stubborn like that).

I was lucky enough to stumble upon smart advice, implement it, and turn my blogging efforts into profit. You can do that, too.

3. It sets a positive example for your children

If for neither of the reasons I’ve mentioned above, this is the reason you should start a blog:

Your children see everything you do.

When you start a purposeful blog that fulfills you and creates a positive impact on your life, your children see that.

When you set goals and break down barriers to reach them, your children see that.

When you work hard to achieve something, your children see that.

As a mother, you play a role unique to all others in your children’s lives, and creating a purposeful and profitable blog sets a positive example for your children. It subtly teaches them a very important life lesson: don’t focus on why you can’t do a thing. Instead. focus on how you can do it and then make it happen.

You can (and should) totally do this, mama! Are you ready?

Here’s the quick-start guide to starting your own profitable and purposeful blog from scratch:

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Step #1: Choose your blog name

Your blog name will be your domain name (like

Choosing a blog name often trips up new bloggers, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are a few dos & don’ts for choosing a blog name:

  • DO: Use a name that describes your blog topic or audience. This helps make it crystal clear what your blog is all about. Here are a few blogs that use this,, (<– that’s me!).
  • DO: Use your own name. This is a great choice if you want to establish a personal voice and brand for your blog. Here are a few blogs that use this method:,, and
  • DON’T: Use numbers, dashes, or alternate spellings in your blog domain name. This makes it hard for people to remember or type your domain name (or even get it right in the first place).
  • DON’T: Be too clever or cutesy. Even though you may “get it”, someone else might not. It’s too confusing and can make people feel like they’re not “part of the club”.

Step #2: Set up blog hosting

Alright – here we go! In this step, we’ll be setting up hosting for your blog. Every blog or website requires hosting in order to be “live” on the internet. Don’t worry too much about the technical details – just follow along with the screenshots and instructions below and you’ll be on your way!

Get a hosting account

Click here to get signed up with blog hosting from Siteground. While it’s totally up to you to choose which hosting provider to use, I use and recommend Siteground because they’re super affordable, reliable, and have excellent customer service. You get a free domain name and can get started for just $3.95 per month (less than a Starbucks Venti Frappuccino)!

Choose the StartUp plan

It’s the cheapest and will work great for a new blog. You can upgrade later if needed as your blog grows and you start making money.


Enter your blog domain name

Remember step #1 above? That’s what you’ll enter right here! You get a free domain name for the first year (saving you $14.95). Click “Proceed”.


Enter account info and payment details

Enter your account details and credit card information. Be sure to pay attention to the options at the bottom and check/uncheck the upgrades as desired. Click “Proceed”.


Step #3: Install your blog

Once you’ve created your hosting account, it’s time to actually install your blog. Want to know the really cool part about this? SiteGround does it for you! It’s one of the many reasons I use and recommend them.

Installing WordPress

After you signup for hosting, you’ll receive your account login info. Once you login to your Customer Area for the first time, you will see a popup asking you if you want to have WordPress pre-installed on your account. Select that option and click on the Proceed button.

*WordPress is the free Content Management System that makes it super easy to create an awesome blog design, add blog posts and images, and enables you to have full control over your blog functionality without having any technical coding or design skills.


The next page consists of two parts. In the first one, choose your login information and enter it here.


Next, pick one of the free WordPress themes available in the Wizard and click on the Submit button once again. You can easily change your theme (design) at any time, so just pick any one for now to keep things moving along. (We’ll talk about design in the next step).


Finally, you will see a quick summary of your WordPress blog installation, including where to access your admin area, your username and your password.


Now that WordPress is installed, you can access your blog using the info above. You’ll also get an e-mail with a link to your admin area so you can log in anytime!

Step #4: Make it pretty

For the design of your blog, you can use the free design you chose during the set up, or you can change it up. There are literally thousands of gorgeous free and premium themes to choose from!

Since you’re just starting out, pick a free theme that you like from the WordPress theme directory. Use the screenshot below to help you navigate to the area where all the themes are located.

free wordpress themes


Next Steps

You’ve just started your blog! Can I just pause for a second to say something? I’m seriously so proud of you. Most people won’t do what you’ve just done. They’ll think about it, then decide it’s too much work or that they can’t possibly do it. But you know better. You’ve taken the most important first step, and you’re now ready to make an impact!

There’s much still to learn, but you’re in the right place 🙂 Be sure to also join the free Elite Blog Academy waitlist to be among the first to know when the program opens. It’s the top-rated and most popular blogging program available – but it’s only open once a year, so your best chance at getting in is to join the free waitlist (you’ll also get some free blogging goodies when you sign up).

How to start a mom blog on a budget (with kids in tow)

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