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grow-email-list-suziBloggers gonna blog, and apparently mom bloggers gonna blog even when their kids decide to have a scratching fight in the other room.

That opening will make more sense once you watch this week’s 10-minute webinar below 😉

Know what else will make more sense once you watch the webinar?

How to get a ton of blog email subscribers.

That’s because mom blogger Suzi Whitford shares her secret sauce for how she got thousands of email subscribers from just one blog post.

She used a super clever opt-in bribe (aka. “freebie”, aka. “lead magnet”, aka. “email opt-in offer”) that attracted subscribers to her blog like bees to honey.

Sound too good to be true? I might think so too… if I didn’t see it happen in real time. I remember when Suzi first released this freebie out into the blogging wild, and what a buzz it caused!

But how did she do it? What made her freebie offer so successful?

She shares her 6-point freebie formula with us in this week’s webinar – enjoy!

(For your convenience, my kids graciously provide a short break for you at the 5 minute mark, then again at about 7:55. I think they startled Suzi a bit, but she carries us through like a pro 🙂 ).

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Webinar outline:

Here’s a handy printable of Suzi’s 6-point checklist for creating a perfect freebie. Ask yourself these questions to audit your current offering or when you create a new one!

Print this!

#1: Is it useful? Make sure your audience will actually be able to use it and get value from it.

#2: Is it unique? There is so much “same-ness” online that people can easily find for free from a simple Google search. Make sure your freebie is unique.

#3: Will it deliver quick results? We’re busy! And overwhelmed with to-dos! Make sure your freebie will get your reader to a desired result quickly without much work.

#4: Is it all focused on your user? First and foremost, know your reader. Then create a freebie just for them… something that speaks to exactly what they’re struggling with.

#5: Do you wish you thought of it sooner? If your freebie passes this little test, then you can be pretty sure you’ve got a winner.

#6: Is it something so good that people will be willing to pay for it? This little gem of advice from Sue at will seal the deal and help you create an offer that your readers can’t refuse!

Does your freebie opt-in offer pass the test?

Did you catch the extra tip at about 9:15 where Suzi chats about how she actually started collecting email subscribers? It’s a great lesson in “done is better than perfect”!

(Plus, if you want to copy her blog vision board in the background, check out this post).

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Suzi Says:

Suzi Says:

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Blogging tips | Want to know how to get thousands of blog email subscribers from 1 post? Suzi shares exactly how she did it (plus a free 6-point checklist for you to copy!)

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