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blogger instagram bio tipsWith most social media platforms, you get several chances to share links to your blog and promotions.

On Facebook, post a link to your wall anytime you feel like it. With Twitter, share links back to your blog posts several times a day if it suits your drawers. And links are what fuel the entire engine on Pinterest!

But Instagram? You get one shot.

Just one chance to get your Instagram followers over to your blog to invite them to become a part of your audience.

And the secret to making it happen lies in your Instagram bio. If you’ve been dabbling in using Instagram to drive traffic to your blog, you’re not going to want to miss this 10-minute training with Robin from Market Your Business Blog.

She shares 8 tips to give your Instagram bio a makeover and start getting traffic to your blog!

How Robin Hacks Her Instagram Bio To Get Blog Traffic


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Webinar outline

Robin outlines 8 expert tips for transforming your Instagram bio into a traffic driver for your blog. Watch out for these tips in the video above:


1. Use descriptive keywords to attract your ideal audience


2. Say who you are as it pertains to your audience
3. Say what you do for your audience
4. Make it eye-pleasing: emojis, make it vertical (line breaks)
5. Keywords: use terms/language your audience might be searching for
6. Customize it for IG audience
7. Call to action: Tell them what you want them to do
8. Link to landing page or blog

After my chat with Robin, I gave my own Instagram bio a makeover. Even though I’m not prominently using Instagram in my blog marketing strategy yet, I was able to take Robin’s advice to make these quick changes in a few minutes!

Here’s what it looks like. You can use this as a template for your own IG bio:




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Robin Says:

Robin Says:

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Instagram bio hacks! 8 expert tips to use your Instagram bio to get traffic and sales to your blog