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make-money-blogging-chrystieYou know you do it… every blogger does at some point or another.


You know what I’m talking about. You obsess over pageviews, subscribers and traffic stats for your blog.

But it doesn’t end there.

There’s also the never-ending black hole called social media. You’re constantly checking how many followers you have on Twitter, hearts on Instagram, repins on Pinterest, and likes on Facebook.

And it’s only natural. We pour so much time and effort into our blogs – so much of ourselves – that we want some kind of proof that its all paying off.

But as aspiring mompreneurs, proof of payoff doesn’t come in the form of pageviews or social followers. It comes in the form of money, mama!

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A 4-Point Blog Profit Formula

So for today, let’s forget about all the stats and stuff that doesn’t matter and instead focus on how to actually make money with our blogs.

You’re going to love today’s 10-minute training. Chrystie from Living For Naptime shares how she sold 4 blogs in 10 years, PLUS the 4-point blog profit formula she uses every time she starts a new blog:

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Webinar outline:

Chrystie shares the story of how she monetized and sold her very first blog 10 years ago, and how she’s doing it again and again using these 4 core components:

Component #1: Niche

Component #2: Content

Component #3: Traffic

Component #4: Different Revenue Streams

We chatted more about each of these components in the video, and why they’re essential as the foundation for any profitable blog.

Are you making money with your blog yet? Since you’ve heard how Chrystie does it, can you see it happening for you?

CHRYSTIE’S FREEBIE FOR YOU: “6 Ways to Boost your Blog Income TODAY”

Can you apply any of these monetization components to your blog this week? I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you’ll use this to start making money with your own blog! Please take a quick moment to share this post, then let’s chat below 🙂

Chrystie Says:

Chrystie Says:

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Ever wonder if you could sell your blog for profit? Or if there's some kind of money formula for blogging? Chrystie reveals how she does it consistently (plus her 4-point blog profit formula).

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