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build-authority-meera“There are a million blogs out there already that talk about what I talk about… why would anyone listen to me?”.

“No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get enough traffic to my blog.”

“Everyone’s talking about growing your email list, but where and how do I even start?”

Have any of these questions ever crossed your mind? When you’re starting a new blog, getting readers and subscribers can feel like an uphill battle. And becoming a blogger that your readers trust and turn to as the “go to” source on your topic? That can feel nearly impossible.

But is doesn’t have to be.

There’s no magic pill for blog popularity

I’ll be the first to tell you that there’s no easy street to growing your blog, but there certainly are smart strategies and shortcuts you can take along the way that can help you get there faster.

If you hang out in any blogging forums or Facebook groups, you may have heard a disappointed blogger or two saying that “guest posting doesn’t work” for getting traffic and growing your blog.

But if that’s really true, then no one told Meera about it. She’s been able to establish authority in her niche and grow her blog in a big way in just 4 months… by guest blogging.

Ever feel like a small fish in a big blogging pond?

Watch this 10-minute webinar to learn Meera’s strategy and criteria for using guest blogging to grow your own blog!


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Webinar outline:

Don’t waste time guest posting for sites and getting nothing in return for your blog! Here’s Meera’s magic criteria for choosing guest posting opportunities that will actually work for growing your own blog. Be sure to also download her email pitch template to make pitching those guest posts a breeze!

Guest post pitch template

Print this!

Criteria #1: Choose blogs where your target audience is hanging out

Use to view demographic information for that blog’s visitors to see if it’s a match for what you want. Also make sure the blog gets a decent amount of engagement (comments) and social shares.

Criteria #2: Choose blogs that will build your overall credibility

Getting traffic and subscribers is great, but another goal of guest posting is to establish your own credibility. Pitch blogs that your readers will recognize in order to build trust.

Criteria #3: Choose blogs that will give you an “in” with larger blogs

When starting out, you may not be able to land a hugely popular blog. Start with “micro influencers” and work your way up, name dropping these along the way.

As we’ve learned, not all guest posting opportunities are created equal, and you need to be picky about where you spend your time writing if you want it to have a real impact on the growth of your blog.

But once you land that golden guest posting op, how do you make the most of it? Here are Meera’s tips:

1. Author bio: Use 1-2 links max (even if they let you have more). Giving too many links will overwhelm your readers.

2. Linking strategy: Instead of linking to your blog home page or social media, link straight to an opt-in page with a free content upgrade relevant to the your post. This will ensure that casual readers become subscribers!

3. Welcome email: Don’t leave your new subscribers hanging! Be sure to follow up with an effective welcome email series that will help build that relationship right from the start (be sure to see Meera’s bio below for help with this).

Have you tried Guest blogging yet? What were your results?

After hearing about Meera’s success, do you think guest posting is a strategy you’d like to try for growing your blog? Have any questions? Let’s chat below 🙂

Meera Says:

Meera Says:

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