mom blogger how toIf you’re a mom looking to start a blog, then you’ve probably done some Googling trying to figure it all out.

And it probably took you all of 5 minutes to feel buried in information and overwhelmingly confused about the whole thing, right?

Because there’s a lot of freaking blogging advice out there, and it’ll spin you dizzy just trying to figure out where and how to start.

But in reality, there are 2 questions you need to answer before doing anything else if you want to start a money-making mom blog.

If you fail to answer these 2 questions first, you’re headed straight for major frustration (“Why isn’t anyone reading my blog??”) and wasted time (“It’s been 6 months now… why isn’t my blog making any money??”).

Ready for the 2 critical questions? Here goes:

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Don't start a blog until you can answer these 2 questions: | If you want to make money blogging, you need to be able to answer these 2 questions or you're wasting your time :(

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Question #1: Who Do You Want To Serve?

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If you don’t care about making money – or an impact – with your blog, then you can ignore this question completely and just write about whatever you want to.

If, however, you want to create a purposeful and profitable blog that has the potential to create real change, then you need to pay close attention.

Who, specifically, do you want to reach with your blog? Who do you want to help? Or as entrepreneur and business coach, Jeff Walker, puts it: who do you want to be a hero to?

And answering with “everyone” or “women” or something else similarly vague won’t work.

Here’s why:

Without a clear idea of who you’re speaking to with your blog, you won’t know what their challenges and goals are.

If you don’t know that, then you can’t help them.

And if your blog can’t help people, then no one will care about it and you’re going to have a very hard time making it purposeful or profitable.

Find Your Answer:

  • Brainstorm and write down several different types of people you’d like to help. Narrow it down to one by asking yourself who you most want to “be a hero to”.
  • Below your decision, write out as many specific things about that person as you can think of: gender, age, relationship status, career, income, day-to-day life, activities, hobbies, dreams, goals, challenges, etc.

Question #2: What Can You Help With?

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If you know WHO you want to serve, then there’s only one remaining pre-requisite question you need to answer before starting your blog:

What can you help your potential readers with?

If you’ve done the work of defining who you want to help with your blog, then you should have an idea of what their goals and struggles are, and this is where you come in.

Think of what you have to offer in these 3 areas: your knowledge, your skills, and your experiences

Now, using these assets, ask yourself how you might be able to help your ideal audience solve a problem or reach a goal.

That’s what you can help with, and that’s what you blog about.

Find Your Answer:

  • With your ideal reader in mind (from #1), write down several topics and ideas for what you can help them with.
  • Think in broad terms to clarify the central theme of your blog (eg. helping new moms get healthy and energized), and specific terms to brainstorm actual articles and posts you’ll write (eg. meal plans, productivity guides, fitness tips, etc.).

Can You Answer These 2 Questions?

If yes, then you’re SO READY to start your blog on the right foot.

But don’t be misled – these two questions are not the only questions you’ll need to answer in your blogging journey.

On the contrary, there will be many, many more down the line. But these are the 2 you need to answer before you start a blog if you want it to be purposeful and profitable.

The answers to these 2 questions will inform everything you do with your blog going forward: what you name it, how it looks, what you write about, how to find readers and how you make money.

But all of that’s an article for another day 😉 .