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mom-blogger-1360We’re bloggers, yes.

But we belong to a special tribe of bloggers that the New York Times calls a “cultural force to be reckoned with” and “burgeoning industry generating incomes ranging from $25/month (latte money)… to six figures.”

Yes, we’re mom bloggers, and we’re on a mission.

Not only to share our voice and make money with our blog, but also to manage it all while still prioritizing our family and personal lives.

And one of the biggest challenges we face with growing our blog is finding the time. Our days are a juggle of diapers, housework, our “real” job, working on our blog and finding time for ourselves and relationships.

Sometimes growing our blog can feel like an uphill battle and something we never quite make any progress on.

But it doesn’t have to feel that way. In today’s 10-minute mom blogger webinar, Marissa Lawton shares with us her simple technique for smashing right through her blogging goals every time.

Tired of feeling like you never have enough time for your blog? Feel like your blog “to do list” never gets finished?

If so, then this quick webinar is for you. Enjoy!

(There’s a spot of technical glitchiness at about the 2:30 mark. Once you hit that just skip ahead to 3:15 where we pick right back up! Take that, internet).

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Webinar outline:

If you’re a worksheet kind of gal, print this PDF (no opt-in required) and use it as a guide!

Print this!

Print this!

Step #1 (Pre-requisite): Define your BIG vision for your blogWhat will your blog be doing for you in 6 months, 1-year, 5-years? Getting clear on this will

Step #2: Work backwards from that BIG vision

Start at your end goal, and work backwards in teeny increments to uncover every step you need to accomplish in order to get there. For each teeny step, ask yourself:

1. What choices did I have to make to get here?

2. What obstacles did I have to overcome to get here?

The ebook example she gives is golden, right?!

My 6-month BIG vision is to offer a comprehensive “getting started” course for brand new mom bloggers, and you better believe I’m going to be using this reverse engineering strategy to get there! With a new baby on the way & 3 in tow already, I’m going to need to be as productive with my time as ever!

What about you? What’s your 6-month, 1-year, or 5-year BIG vision for your blog?

Are you going to use Marissa’s reverse engineering strategy? I’d love to hear what plans you have for your blog and how you’re going to crush them! Let’s chat below 🙂

Marissa Says:

Marissa Says:

Grab your free “Balanced Mompreneur’s Audit” to find the time you need for the things you love. Marissa is a productivity strategist for mompreneurs and you can learn more about how she’s helping busy moms at

Tired of feeling like your blog growth to-do list never gets done? Learn how to crush your blog goals with this 1 simple reverse-engineering strategy. | 10-Minute Mom Blogger Webinars

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